We give senses to buildings
With sensor system
Game changing innovation
Smart Buildings
Measuring Critical data

Imagine that one day…

your building could feel
and tell you, that something is wrong.
...Senzomatic makes this a reality.

We make buildings smart sensitive

Air quality in the bedroom
Water leaked under the bathroom floor
Moisture in the supporting beam

How it works


Sensors directly in the building structure and in high-risk areas

Our proprietary sensors are located in high-risk areas such as key structural wood elements, bathrooms, kitchens, technical rooms, but also in flat roofs or below floor heating systems.

Sensors that monitor long-term developments as well as acute situations.

Information from the sensors is collected by the central unit

Our smart central unit collects all data and sends data to our cloud servers where our proprietary algorithms analyse and identify both acute and trending problems.

Data monitoring and display

Our messages are fast and easy to understand. You can either login to your customer account for a deep look at your data, or you can request the system to send you messages automatically via email at an interval selected by you.

We are scientists and builders working together.

Senzomatic is a Technological spinout of the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) and the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB), and is the result of a multi-year multi-disciplinary project that focuses on the effects of moisture in wood and its effective measurement.

In 2017 the technology entered commercial testing, and in 2019 MoistureGuard was established to further commercialize the Senzomatic system in residential, commercial, and public buildings.

Thanks to a continuous development program, the system now includes special flooding sensors and internal environment sensors that monitor air quality (CO2, volatile organic substances, dust particles, and relative humidity and temperature). Senzomatic sensors are also installed in non-wood materials and monitor critical values in other non-building applications.
University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) in Prague
We are scientists and builders working together.

Where does Senzomatic make sense

Single-family houses – new buildings, renovations

Cottages, cabins, older houses

Hotels, pensions

Public buildings

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