Industrial building
Modular houses made of wood and metal containers monitor water leakage.

We were approached by a family business building houses, catering outlets, and educational and sports facilities to develop a turn-key SENZOMATIC solution for a project that was struggling with water leakage from the flat roof seeping into the interior, especially during heavy downpours.

The human factor

The defect in the building structure occurred despite a detailed building inspection. It was caused by human error, as the prescribed technical procedure was not followed during roof installation. The damage to the property occurred mainly because the problem mentioned above was not recognized immediately. The client wanted to avoid similar situations in the future, so he looked for a solution that could be installed in the first phase of construction. As a result, he can eliminate similar deficiencies during construction and after the projects are handed over to the new owners.

Which sensors we decided to use

We fitted the building envelope with special HT-R sensors detecting moisture and water leakage in the roof structure and one FHT-R sensor collecting temperature and humidity data near the building. We also installed sensors in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet to monitor the structure's humidity and temperature in these high-risk zones. The flat roofs of industrial buildings can be several thousand square meters, with one sensor monitoring every twenty square meters as standard.

What the installation included

  • 6× HT sensor
  • 1× FHT-R sensor
  • 7× HT-R sensor
  • 1× FHT-I sensor
  • 1× automatic water shut-off
  • 1× ambient sensor monitoring air quality
  • 1× central unit
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