Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the SENZOMATIC system?

A comprehensive sensor system is installed directly into the building structure in risk zones such as bathrooms, toilets, technical rooms, kitchens, flat roofs, underfloor heating, and many more. In short, anywhere where water leakage and moisture accumulation can occur. It monitors your property from the start of construction and, by spotting problems immediately, helps you avoid significant damage and costly repairs that even a seemingly small leak can cause, regardless of the source, from water pipes to drains to places where water condenses.

Which parameters should I choose a SENZOMATIC system according to?

For clarity, the standard system packages are divided according to the level of building protection. The first and most common level is the protection of areas that cannot be inspected by eye. These are the building structure or the space under the floor where water and waste are routed. The next level is flood protection, where the package includes a flood sensor and automatic water shut-off. Using IAQ sensors that measure the amount of CO₂ and particulate matter in the air, it is also possible to monitor indoor air quality, which significantly affects health and quality of life. The building envelope can also be protected in areas where excessive condensation can occur due to differences in temperature inside and outside the building, such as areas under French and skylights or garden taps. The protection of flat roofs can also be addressed separately, regardless of whether the underlying roof structure is made of wood, concrete, iron, or sheet metal.

How quickly does the SENZOMATIC system react to unexpected situations?

The entire system operates in 24/7 mode and therefore reacts immediately to any problems, including flooding. In the case of flood sensors to detect leaks in the interior and structure of the building, in combination with the main water shut-off, it can automatically shut off most types of main water supply even when you are not at home.

How much does the SENZOMATIC system cost?

The initial investment in a system consisting of sensors and a central unit and monitoring for 1 year starts at EUR 1 750. The price depends on the size of the building, the built-up area, and the level of protection you require. Based on your floor plan, our specialists will determine how many sensors must be placed on your property.

How many years will the SENZOMATIC system work?

The lifetime of an utterly maintenance-free system is at least 30 years.

Who will inform me of the water leakage?

Regarding the Premium package, our operators will contact you immediately. You will receive a notification email and SMS if you use the Standard package.

How can I order the system?

Fill in the inquiry form, where you can upload a floor plan of the building. Our experts will then contact you to help you choose the suitable sensors. Alternatively, request a quote for a SENZOMATIC system directly from your builder (we work with most of the major players in the market).

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