since 2014

Protecting wooden buildings, promoting sustainability

We are SENZOMATIC, technology for 24/7 moisture and water leakage monitoring. The technology was developed in 2014 by UCEEB CTU scientists when they investigated the impact of humidity on wood in the construction industry regarding sustainability and circular economy. Our mission is to protect buildings and client health from moisture worldwide.

  • 2014

    starting the application of scientific knowledge and technology for the needs of the public and owners of wooden buildings
  • 2015

    beginning of a 4-year development of a commercial version of MoistureGuard technology
  • 2019

    finalization of MoistureGuard technology and establishment of the company of the same name
  • 2021

    first projects in Germany, Austria, and Slovenia
  • 2022

    creation of the SENZOMATIC brand and its extension with new technologies
  • 2023

    own representation of the brand in Austria and Germany, preparation for expansion into Scandinavia and Japan
We protect timber buildings from moisture and water leaks
"I'm delighted that we can offer customers a product that brings many benefits to their lives, from restful sleep to health protection, extending the home's life and maintaining the property's value. Moisture problems, particularly with timber buildings, are ongoing, although some contractors and homeowners still downplay or underestimate them. However, I am pleased to see that this trend is changing for the better, and more and more people are looking for solutions to prevent damp problems using SENZOMATIC technology. I am very pleased that we can also contribute to the dynamic growth of using wood as a building material."
Miroslav Veselý, MBA, CEO
  • Miroslav Veselý
    CEO & Co-owner​
  • František Svoboda
    CTO & Co-founder
  • Petr Skrla
    Investor & Co-founder
  • Jan Včelák
    HW & Co-founder
  • Marek Maška
    AI & Co-founder​
  • Aleš Vodička
    HW & Co-founder​
  • Monika Dixová
    Key Account Manager
  • Ivana Picková
    Sales & Administration​
  • Andrej Gunda
    Group CFO
  • František Vyčítal
  • Lenka Furuya Lehkoživová
    Office Manager
  • Oleksandr Korsak
    Product Manager
  • Gabriela Zapletalová
    Monitoring Sales Specialist
  • Lenka Jarošová
    Marketing Manager
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