SENZOMATIC for businesses

The moisture and water leakage detection sensor system will be applied to end customers and the B2B segment. You will appreciate all its advantages, especially if you are:

Construction company

Thanks to the SENZOMATIC system, you can detect any moisture or water leakage problems before the building is handed over to the owner and during the warranty period. This minimizes the cost of repairing problems that may not be visible to either party at first glance.

Timber frame and CLT panel manufacturer

Wireless solutions can monitor the health of wood structures and CLT panels in stock and during remote transport. You can thus guarantee the ideal moisture parameters of the timber to be built and the health of the finished timber building when handed over to the client or end customer.


Eliminate the need for repairs during construction and increase your project's value. With SENZOMATIC, you will have data on the condition of the delivered timber, and the moisture level data will be available during construction and before the sale. This shows potential buyers that your building is easily free of moisture and mold problems.

Facility manager

Continuously check the humidity levels in the building and individual units and react promptly to any leaks. This will avoid increased repair costs.

Freelance electrician

Take SENZOMATIC training and earn extra money by installing and commissioning sensor systems on our clients' projects. Of course, our helpdesk support is always at your disposal.


The SENZOMATIC sensor system is designed to be installed and commissioned by trained electricians and technicians. This way, every project is completed on time, and you can look forward to positive customer feedback.

Our customer support is here for you.

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