Thanks to the SENZOMATIC system, the wooden hotel avoided a costly renovation.

The designers of one of our clients designed a wooden dependence of the hotel using modern technologies. The architects chose a wood panel construction and innovative materials to reduce the building's energy burden and carbon footprint.

The hotel's sensor system saved money

All work on the hotel was carried out with the utmost care and according to the company's construction and current technical standards. However, with such a large building, ensuring no defects are discovered when commissioned is almost impossible. That is why the company decided to install the SENZOMATIC system. This assured them from the initial construction phase that the wooden structure would retain maximum durability and suffer no significant damage. A total of 27 sensors were installed in the hotel, which continuously monitors the presence of water and the level of humidity directly in the bathroom structure of each room. Immediately upon the hotel's opening, the sensors detected minor leaks from two shower stalls caused by improper installation of drainage gutters. SENZOMATIC thus saved the hotel operator from costly renovations that a longer-term leak would have certainly caused.

What the installation included

  • 27× MHT sensor
  • 3× central unit
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