Family house
A family wooden building near Olomouc is protected by 12 sensors.

For a client who started to build a diffuse open wooden building in the Olomouc region, we installed an extended SENZOMATIC sensor package. These monitor problematic areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, or utility room with an increased risk of condensation and water leakage.


The HT sensor, located under the bath, monitors the humidity and temperature status of the surrounding air. In contrast, the MHT sensor senses the temperature and humidity status of the structure between the shower and bath. The combination of these sensors will alert you to moisture problems in the walls and water seeping into the structure. The bathroom also has an FHT sensor for quick flood detection, which can automatically shut off the water supply via a valve to prevent significant damage.


An MHT sensor has been incorporated under the dishwasher to detect water supply and waste leaks. We placed the FHT sensor near the fridge with the water dispenser and the HT sensor near the hood drain to monitor whether all the steam leaving the chimney is flowing out and not into the walls.

Living room

The client also requested the installation of a sensor at the fireplace chimney due to the possibility of increased condensation caused by the temperature difference between the insert and the room.

What the installation included

  • advanced protection package with customization
  • 3× MHT sensor
  • 7× HT sensor
  • 2× FHT-I sensor
  • 1× automatic water shut-off
  • 1× central unit
  • monitoring for 1 year
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