Commercial building
SENZOMATIC is guarding a German commercial wooden building with 6 floors.

Our German client is constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainability in construction and architecture, focusing on the needs of 21st-century man. In this assignment, we devised a moisture and water leakage detection system for a wooden hybrid building with underground floors, a ground floor, and a core, where all the essential building elements are wood.

A building with a material passport

The project is exciting because it has a digitized catalog of the materials used, with information on their recyclability, separability, or CO₂ production, which you may know as a material passport. This passport makes it easier to select the ideal materials at the planning stage of the project's planning stages documentation with a database of available materials suitable for repairs and a description of the deconstruction process.

A first in Germany

The building is also the first ever project in Germany to be registered in the global online register of materials and building products Madaster. The developer chose the SENZOMATIC system on the basis of its expertise in monitoring timber buildings and methods for analyzing the adverse effects of moisture on the condition of materials.

How we approached the contract

We fitted the building with 240 MHT sensors to monitor the moisture level of the building's timber cladding. 141 HT sensors monitor humidity and temperature in the kitchen, showers, toilets, and lift shafts. A total of 29 central units located in data cabinets collect the data collected by the sensors.

Important records

We monitored the condition of the property for the client during construction. This gave the customer a complete overview of the moisture levels in the wooden elements of the structure. All historical data collected by SENZOMATIC sensors can become part of the material passport and find its use both during the operation of the building and at the end of its life cycle. We are currently finalizing further projects in the field of commercial and public buildings, both in Germany and Austria.

What the installation included

  • 240× MHT sensor
  • 141× HT sensor
  • 29× central unit
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