Why to have a Senzomatic system in your house?

It is a complex system installed directly in the building structure at the high-risk locations in the house, such as bathrooms, toilets, technological rooms, kitchens, but also in the flat roof structures or below floor heating systems, where water or another medium leaks can occur. It monitors you house from the very beginning of its construction. It maps humidity and moisture in the house and is able to detect even very small water leaks in a timely manner. It can thus prevent potentially large damages and expensive repairs since it detects the corresponding problems in the very beginning. It does so regardless of the water source. The system is able to detect all humidity/mositure sources, be it from the water main, waste or condensation.


Is the system able to quickly react to sudden situations, such as flooding?

The system includes flood sensors for a fast detection of water leaks in the interior or in the building structure. We have a simple and cheap solution that can be used with a majority of the main water shut-off valves. It allows for an automatic shutdown of the water intake even when you are not home.


What is the price of the system?

The system is formed by a set of sensors and a central unit. The number of the sensors is determined based on the given ground plan (size of the building, built-up areas) and pursuant to the number of high-risk locations that you want to monitor. The price of the system is around 1,500 EUR, which is very cheap compared to the price of a house, and which is worth to invest into your monitoring system. It is the main system that protects houses against humidity and moisture and that immediately reacts to any water leak.


What is its lifespan? 

The monitoring system is completely free of maintenance. You do not to change any batteries and the system does not have any movable parts. The system is designed for a lifespan of 25 and more years. 


How will I know that I have a water leak problem? 

When online monitoring is used, we automatically protect you and we asses all the obtained data using artificial intelligence algorithms that detect humidity and moisture deviations. Our operators will immediately notify you if a problem occurs. The central unit is also able to display all the data for you locally. You can thus obtain data for up to one year retrospectively.


How can I order the system? 

Complete the inquiry form on our website. You can upload your ground plan there as well. Our experienced specialists will assist you and recommend you the sensors you should install in your house.


What is the origin of the system?

The technology comes from the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) and University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB). It is the result of a multiyear project, focused on effective humidity measurements and on humidity effects in wood. ČVUT provides the corresponding monitoring license warranty.


Does any other complex monitoring system exist?

It does not. Senzomatic is the only complex monitoring system. None of the other systems available on the market will protect you from water leaks in such a complex way. The other systems available on the market operate on the principle of monitoring water leaks from the water main; they only monitor the water flow or pressure in the water distribution system in the building. However, they do not protect you against water penetration into the structure, for example, around the window sills, by your front door, balcony doors and portals, sewerage system leaks and condensations by air intakes to fireplaces and in many other cases. It is thus clear that the other systems can only protect you in the case of broken water pipes. Other systems are able to monitor flooding. Unfortunately, most system monitor flooding only at certain points. They are thus not, by far, able to detect all leaks. Senzomatic protects your structure from the beginning. We install the sensors directly into the building structure and we are able to monitor changes caused by the construction process.

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