About us

Senzomatic is a Technological spinout of the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) and the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB). The Technology is based on multi-year, multi-disciplinary research that focuses on the negative effects of moisture in wood and its effective measurement.

In 2017 a complex system of sensors and interpretive algorithms entered commercial testing. In 2019 MoistureGuard was established to fully commercialize the Senzomatic sensor system in residential, commercial, and public buildings.

Senzomatic is now a comprehensive system of proprietary sensors that via real-time data analysis, using proprietary algorithms, can identify the widest range of potential and acute problems linked to moisture.

Senzomatic sensors are directly integrated into structural wood elements in critical locations in the building structure. The system identifies all sources of humidity/moisture problems, not only leaks in the pressure water system.  The System identifies obvious problems like a burst pipe, but also more subtle problems like long-term condensation or small leaks that are otherwise undetectable.

With more than 600 installations in 5 countries in residential, commercial, and public buildings, Senzomatic:

  • Protects Health – With predictive alogrithms Senzomatic warns of mildew/mold formation.
  • Improves Safety – Ensures structural integrity and prevents structural failure, building collapse, or other hazard.
  • Supports Longevity – Identifies moisture issues early so that building service life is maximized.
  • Saves Costs - Quick and early identification of moisture issues means repair costs are minimized.

  • 2014

    Technology developed at UCEEB Czech Technical University in Prague
  • 2015

    Market trial commencement
  • 2019

    Foundation of MoistureGuard, s. r. o.
  • 2019

    Re-designed hardware, new monitoring system and new ERP system implemented for a better customer service
  • 2020

    Building a larger team
  • 2020

    Passed the milestone of 50 system installations
  • 2021

    Thanks to all innovations, we have managed to implement more than 350 system installations
  • 2021

    Introducing the Senzomatic brand on the markets in Germany, Austria and Slovenia
Protecting Home and Health
Being able to offer clients a system that delivers so many benefits is great.  Problems with moisture is not new and certainly not limited to woodframe or prefab buildings, but often it is downplayed by contractors or underestimated by home owners.  I see, however, that this is changing and that contractors and homeowners are looking for solutions that prevent moisture-related problems.

Our goal is for Senzomatic to bring peace of mind to clients and actual protection of home and health.
Miroslav Veselý, MBA, CEO
  • Petr Skrla
    Co-founder, investor
  • Miroslav Veselý
  • Jan Včelák
    HW + Co-founder
  • Marek Maška
    AI + Co-founder
  • Aleš Vodička
    HW + Co-founder
  • František Svoboda
    SW + Development
  • Ivana Picková
    Sales + administration
  • František Novák
    Installation & Service
  • Daniel Kunzo
    Marketing Manager
  • František Vyčítal
  • Lenka Furuya Lehkoživová
    Office Manager
  • Monika Dixová
    Key Account Manager
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