The system consists of a central unit and several types of sensors, which are installed at critical locations of the building and which measure the exterior and interior temperature and humidity. In the building structure itself, they measure not only air humidity and temperature, but also temperature and moisture of the construction wood. The masonry and brick sensors measure the moisture inside of masonry and brick structures, concrete floors, ceilings and other porous materials. Interior environment quality sensors monitor the interior air quality .

Central unit

The central unit saves the measured data and, when connected to the Internet, continuously sends them to the Senzomatic servers. The data from the sensors are automatically assessed here using given algorithms. Should the system suspect a problem, it notifies the user about such problems related to humidity, water leaks or interior air quality. When flood sensors are used, the central unit is also able to immediately shut down the main water shut-off valve, thus preventing extensive damages.
Used for online as well as offline measurements
Price 649 EUR

HT Sensor

Temperature and humidity sensors are installed in areas where the environment needs to be monitored (in the structure cavities, inside of insulation, monitoring interior and exterior conditions).
Basic sensor for measuring temperature and air humidity
With a cable connector
Price 79 EUR

MHT Sensor

Combined sensor for measuring timber weight moisture (2 different methods), air humidity and temperature in building structures.
Special combined sensor for measuring timber weight moisture, air humidity and temperature in building structures
With a connector and a screw-in terminal plate for the cable
Price 149 EUR

IAQ Sensor

Interior environment quality sensors for monitoring the interior air quality. They measure CO2 concentration and concentrations of volatile organic substances, as well as relative humidity and temperature.
Additional system sensor
Price 219 EUR

FHT Sensor

Flood sensors for a fast detection of water leaks in the interior or in the building structure.
Additional system sensor
Price 119 EUR

BHT Sensor

Special masonry and brick sensors for measuring the moisture inside of masonry and brick structures, concrete floors, ceilings and other porous materials.
Price 119 EUR



The sensors are installed directly in the building structure at the most vulnerable high-risk locations, such as bathrooms, toilets, technological rooms, kitchens, but also in the flat roof structures or below floor heating systems, where water or another medium leaks can occur. The installation itself is implemented by a construction company or by our thoroughly trained and contracted technicians. Alternatively, it can also be done directly by a company technician who can personally come or can navigate you over the phone to help you with the installation. We can also send you an installation video if you prefer to install the system yourselves.

Professional team
Installed in a day

Emergency team

Should an extraordinary situation arise, Senzomatic is immediately available to you not only to solve the occurred situation, but also to assess its causes and to propose measures that will help to prevent further damages of the given structure and that will limit the related repair cost.

24/7 nonstop support
Fast troubleshooting

Data processing and interpretation

The system collects data from high-risk locations in the house and compares them with the information about the structure interior and exterior humidity and temperature. Moisture accumulation is, under certain condition, a natural and normal phenomenon. However, the same values can be problematic under other conditions, under which they will be interpreted as a potential risk. Since every structure is unique, Senzomatic uses special algorithms that can quickly determine how your structure is behaving, upon which it identifies combinations, which should be monitored. The system can also directly determine critical situations.

Data display and monitoring

Individual reports are proposed in a way that they are easily and quickly legible, providing you with the necessary information. You can either login to your user account or you can subscribe to email reports automatically sent to you by the system with a frequency selected by you.

Monitoring 99 EUR / year
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