The SENZOMATIC system includes a central unit and several types of sensors installed in critical locations in the house and continuously measures the temperature and humidity of the exterior and interior. The first type of sensor measures the humidity and temperature of the air in the structure as well as the humidity and temperature of the structural timber. In turn, wall-mounted sensors measure moisture inside masonry structures, concrete floors, ceilings, and other porous materials. Indoor environmental quality sensors then monitor the air inside.

Central unit

the unit collects and stores measured data from sensors and sends it for processing and evaluation
It measures both online and offline.
It stores data for up to 1 year.
It can automatically shut off the water supply.

HT sensor

temperature and humidity sensor
It is placed in high-risk areas to measure the humidity and temperature in the room.
It is also used to monitor reference values for indoor and outdoor conditions.

MHT sensor

the most commonly used combined sensor for measuring air humidity, temperature and wood moisture by weight
It monitors the same values as the HT sensor, plus the mass moisture content of the wood, which is the main indicator of the health of the timber building, by two independent calculation methods to increase accuracy and predict development.
It is placed in critical rooms that need to be monitored, such as bathrooms, kitchens and others.

IAQ sensor

sensor for indoor environmental control
It monitors indoor air quality and measures the concentration of CO₂, organic volatiles as well as relative humidity and temperature.

FHT sensor

flood sensor
It monitors the same values as the HT sensor, and also has a flood cable that detects liquid water leaks.
Quickly detects water leaks in the interior and structure of the house.
It is most often combined with an automatic water shut-off at the main water supply.

BHT sensor

sensor for placement in masonry
Measures moisture inside masonry structures, concrete floors, ceilings and other porous materials.

HT-R sensor

sensor for use on flat roofs of any type
Quickly detects and locates perforations and leaks.

MHT-R sensor

sensor for use on wooden flat roofs
Quickly detects perforations or leaks in the wooden roof.
It detects problem areas based on air humidity, wood mass moisture content and flooding using a detection cable.

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