Trigema selects Senzomatic to protect its new multi-storey wooden mountain hotel in Nová Javorka – Monínec.
Senzomatic catches early problems in the waste water infrastructure due to a subcontractor error - prevents costly renovations and operating downtime.

Modern multi-storey wooden buildings are still an exception in the Czech Republic. Even in the surrounding European countries you will not normally encounter the wooden structure of multi-storey buildings. The protection of the wooden structure of multi-storey buildings is more demanding than that of single-storey buildings. Increased humidity can result in premature aging of the structure and the formation of wood-destroying processes. That is why you pay special attention to the protection and prevention of problems.

There is an increasing emphasis on the use of renewable building materials In the construction industry. Designers from Trigema Building a.s., to whom modern technologies are no strangers, are also aware of this fact. Experts therefore used a combination with modern building materials and chose the construction of a new building from wooden panels during the construction of the Nová Javorka depandance in the Monínec ski area. Already in the design phase, the points provide for the installation of the MoistureGuard system in the most endangered places of the structure. 25 MoistureGuard sensors continuously monitor the moisture directly in the building structure. The central unit of the system connected to the Internet evaluates the state of the structure and if it identifies non-standard behavior, announces an alarm.

As such a construction is above average demanding, it is necessary to ensure that all work is carried out with the utmost care and in accordance with applicable technical standards. It is almost impossible to ensure for a large object that no problem occurs when the object is put into operation. However, in the case of a wooden building it is necessary to detect any water leakage or increased humidity immediately. Ideally at the same time to locate the place and determine the cause of the leak.

The problems did not escape the object on Monínec either. One of the most common problems appeared during commissioning - a siphon leak at the shower drain. There was a leak of wastewater during the commissioning of the building, which was detected by the MoistureGuard system. The leak has already addressed before the warning but the defect helped verify that the system is working and is able to warn the operator in the event of a problem.

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