Senzomatic sensors are a part the new InnoRenew CoE multidisplinary research facility in Slovenia.
The largest wooden construction project in Slovenia is being built on the Mediterranean coast in the Gulf of Venice in the picturesque seaside town of Izola.

The three-storey building of the Innorenew CoE research center dealing with application of natural materials and their use will be the largest wooden building in Slovenia when completed. CLT construction exposed to the conditions of the maritime climate offers a unique opportunity to deploy the MoistureGuard system and monitor the parameters of the structure since its inception.

Laboratories, offices and open space for young scientists from all over the world will be located in the pleasant environment of the wooden building.

Monitoring of the building envelope, including insulation layers, is mediated by 42 installed HT sensors measuring humidity and temperature and 11 MHT sensors measuring humidity weight in CLT panels. The sensors are located at measuring points on all four sides of the building and in 4 height levels. The sensors will be connected directly to the building's data infrastructure. This will make it of the really smart buildings not only equipping with a complex control system but where even the base structure is monitored. Conditions in the structure and its behavior are being constantly tracked.

Thanks to carefully designed monitoring, it is possible to watch what conditions the solid CLT wood is exposed and how are they reflected in the CLT structure condition.

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